Demand an Apology

According to Democratic Party of Virginia Chair Charniele Herring, a member of the House of Delegates, photo ID requirements are “un-American.” Someone apparently forgot to tell that to the 75% of Virginia voters who support photo ID – including 95% of Republicans, 78% of independents, and 57% of Democrats.

Tell Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Charnielle Herring that there’s nothing “un-American” about supporting common sense photo ID requirements backed by 75% of Virginians. Virginia voters deserve an apology.

Chairwoman Herring: You Owe Virginia Voters an Apology!
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  • It was great to visit the new VA State Police Area Office in Harrisonburg this morning. I appreciate the dedication and hard work of our State Police here in the Valley and across the Commonwealth.
    Posted Tue, May 26.

  • Great seeing so many friends at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in honor of Memorial Day!
    Posted Mon, May 25.

  • As we celebrate this Memorial Day with our friends and family, let us remember the profound sacrifices made by those who came before us.  We have America’s fallen heroes to thank for the freedom and liberty that we cherish and so often take for granted, and today we should pause to remember the service of the men and women who proudly wear the uniform of the United States military.
    Posted Mon, May 25.